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Some time ago I watched a documentary on Angkor Watt and marvelled at the skills and intelligence required to build this incredible temple complex.  At the same time it caused me to reflect on the magnitude of what had happened during Pol Pot’s regime, when almost anyone with an education, professionals and people with connections to foreign governments, were brutally executed, thus leaving a nation completely destitute.

When Awareness Cambodia founded the orphanage ‘Sunshine House”, they asked the children what they wanted to be when they “grew up”. The biggest dreamers spoke of being either hairdressers or tuk-tuk drivers. Today if you ask them the same question there may still be hairdressers and tuk-tuk drivers but added to this are many who want to be doctors, lawyers, teachers, architects. In fact there is no limit to their dreams.

This year the first three orphans are attending university and Awareness Cambodia is in the process of establishing a Graduation House In Phom Penh. Restoration is happening. The tragedies of the past are being overturned, and hope for the future is NOW becoming a reality.

What a privilege it is for Christian Life Centre to be involved, both practically and prayerfully in the Restoration of the nation Cambodia

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