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The Women of Christian Life Centre are privileged to live in one of the most beautiful areas in the world. We have so many great locations nearby, where we can hold our functions.

2010 ended with a celebration lunch, poolside on the waterfront at the Newport Mirage! How easy it is to reflect on the Greatness of our God and His Goodness towards us when we are surrounded by the beauty of His creation.

We began 2011 with a breakfast in a restaurant on the Narrabeen lagoon. Once again we were surrounded by beauty.  Our speaker, Carmel May, challenged us to develop our gifts into talents and so the tone was set for 2011 as many of the women responded to opportunities to express their unique gifts.

Midyear we held a Christmas in July function at a Long Reef Beachsiide venue.  Women of all ages spoke of their family Christmas traditions and how these reflected the great gospel story.  The creative ones amongst us helped create the right ambiance.

In October we decided to do what most women love to do——–GO SHOPPING!!  This proved to be a great opportunity to invite friends and ,of course, shop! 

For the years end a great Garden High Tea, Gatsby style was planned.  We wanted to celebrate being female and have all generations, represented in the church, in attendance. Our multi skilled women created decorations on a special craft day. Those who loved cooking organised the catering. Others organised activities to attract the different generations.  A venue was hired to suit the vision. Oxford Falls Peace Park. On the day it rained and it rained and it rained. It rained so much that the roads near the venue were closed. So a last minute decision had to be made to relocate.  However we saw a great team of women rally and transform the church coffee shop into a sophisticated High Tea Venue. The ooos and aahs of people as the entered told us that once again we had a great location. There were many newcomers in attendance that day and funds were raised for the Breast Care Nurses program of the McGrath foundation.

OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE. Undergirding all activities in 2011 were our monthly women’s prayer meetings held on the first Friday of every month. 


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